#HappyWaiting. A mentor of mine used this hashtag when she posted up a picture from my engagement. I thought it was cute and clever, everything a hashtag should be. It was on point, sorta.

Today marks two months and 11 days that I’ve been married. Were the years of waiting to meet and marry my husband worth it? Absolutely. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, partner, and best friend. But I wasn’t always happy in waiting. There was that time when I didn’t go to a wedding because I didn’t want to be alone or the time when I was so frustrated looking for a nursing bra for my friend that I gave up and went home angry. It wasn’t the nursing bra that made me angry. It was because In that moment it seemed like everyone else was going somewhere in their life — getting married, finding fabulous jobs, and growing their families — while I was waiting.

Waiting is hard. According to madbid.com, we spend 6 months in our lifetime waiting in line and 20 weeks being spent on hold. We’ve all been there. The grocery store, a concert, the bank, the doctor’s office, the post office, or customer service. We’re bored to tears. Whipping out our phones and scrolling down to catch up on the latest status or news update is so natural. At least we know that the waiting will be over soon.

Waiting for a future ______ as years pass by is much harder to get through.

Even while we live in an age where things come to us easily with just a click of a button, there are still things that don’t have one-click solutions. These are matters of the heart. Our dreams, our future or our hopes. It takes work and sometimes we feel like our work or attempts in trying are in vain. Then there is a lot of waiting.

In Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, Vladamir and Estragon wait and wait and wait for Godot, a character who never shows up. There has been speculation that Godot is symbolic of God but Beckett never confirmed this. I remember reading this in college and thinking how empty life is, how we wait for things to happen but ultimately we are left feeling void. I don’t think like this anymore, but looking back helps me remember how far I’ve come in my relationship with God. Thankfully, unlike Godot, we have a God who is present. He may not deliver exactly what we want in the timeline that we had already organized in our minds, but he is here. We must never let our hearts become so hardened that we think that God will never show up or that our God puts us on pause because He’s too busy doing something else. He knows exactly what he’s doing and maybe he’s working on our hearts so that we don’t get accustomed to the one-click solutions that we have grown used to in this modern age.

Happy waiting. I’ve grown to really embrace this phrase. To wait in contentment, not boredom; to celebrate for others when it’s their time to shine; to value the deep things and not sweat the small things.

So to you who are waiting, I propose a toast. Let’s clink our glasses and celebrate this season. Happy waiting.