Today is our seventh month mark. Seven months ago we committed ourselves to one another in front of God and a lot of people. Seven months ago we started our life together in a small apartment in the city of LA and today we moved out to live in a very suburban area in the OC. When I was younger I thought that the suburbs were boring, too quiet, and not enough flair. Thus, I had often mentioned to you that we need to live it up and have “city life adventures.” Thank you for amusing me by walking in the city to restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert spots whenever we had the chance.

But I must say, after living in the city  I am looking forward to plazas and not paying for parking. Did I just say that? Who have I become? Though I love boutiques and mom and pop shops, who am I kidding? This girl grew up in the ‘burbs her whole life. I guess I just wanted something new. Thanks for not bursting my bubble.

This year so far has been full of changes. You found a new ministry job, we delved into a new church community together, we got married, we lived in a dorm room for six weeks, and I got a new job. Thanks for making the past seven months seem like seven minutes. Though we are with each other all the time, I always feel like I have seven more things to share with you. I love you seventy times seven and more.

City or suburban. LA or OC. 1 bedroom or 2. Doesn’t matter. Just glad we’re on this adventure together.